A Diet and Nutrition Workshop at Credit Suisse

Corporate Nutrition Counseling

Apart from consulting individuals on a one-on-one basis, I also enjoy conducting workshops for corporate employees and help them understand the importance of correct diet and nutrition habits in order to ensure that performance and absenteeism remain at bay. I believe that workplace nutrition is extremely important if people want to grow professionally because career advancement and all the perks that come with it including money and salary is directly tied to one’s physical fitness levels and good health. It is a fact that most young salaried Indians who are living a hectic and stressful lifestyle are either undernourished or obese. Correct Workplace meal eating habits inculcated by employees can prevent micro-nutrient deficiencies and chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes and high BP. Obese workers and those suffering from weakness, lethargy and body aches and pains are twice as likely as fit workers to miss work. Investments in nutrition by caring employers are repaid back in a reduction of sick days and correspondingly in an increase in productivity and morale.

I believe that all employers must make it easy for their employees to access healthy food either at the cafetaria or by helping them adopt healthy eating habits through information and regular workshops by certified diet and nutrition counselors. When it comes to productivity, proper nutrition and nourishment can improve a person’s productivity levels by as much as 20 %. For example, a lot of employees in India suffer from Iron deficiency and they don’t even know it. Low iron levels are associated with weakness, sluggishness and lack of coordination. As much as a 30 per cent impairment in physical work capacity and performance is reported in iron-deficient men and women. The right diet and supplements can thus improve the performance of an employee and correspondingly improve the fortunes of a company.

How Employees Eat At Work

In my nutrition workshops, I usually tackle the urgent problem of today – How do Employees Eat While at Work. Most employees and employers do not give this issue much thought which is strange because food is the fuel that powers production! One would assume that employers who wish to maximize productivity, would provide their workforce with nourishing food or, at the very least, convenient access to healthy food. If you’d like me to conduct Diet and Nutrition workshops for your company’s employees, feel free to give us a call on 98206 07875.

Have a look below at a recent corporate workshop for the employees of Credit Suisse at their beautiful corporate HQ in Worli, Mumbai.

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