A Word on Portion Control

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Obesity is becoming a serious epidemic in India both among children and adults. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make lifestyle changes because we are living in an environment that promotes and even encourages overeating. Portions have become bigger and everyone is eating high-calorie and low-nutrition foods all the time. Everywhere you see, you see images of junk foods like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut. When was the last time you saw images of beautiful ripe apples or a nice kachumber salad?!!

We have to be mindful and purposeful if we want to enjoy a healthy diet. One of the best ways to watch your weight and keep the calories off is by practising self-restraint and proper portion control. Every time you sit down to eat a meal either at your home or at a restaurant, begin to ‘Size Up’ your meal. Try to find out how much is a ‘Serving’ of most foods you eat. Like how many cups of popcorn are there in one serving or how many servings are there in that ice cream cone or dessert.

So the next time you reach out for your favourite snack, check out the package and measure out a single serving. You will be shocked that by observing the packaging more closely you will realise that you have been consuming multiple servings in one seating. Try to learn what controlled servings of your favourite food are and measure it until you get the hang of what a typical single serving is. Below are some typical serving sizes:

  • Dairy products: two cup fresh curd, a glass of cow’s milk
  • Raw, leafy vegetables: 1 katori a meal
  • Other cooked or chopped vegetables: 1 katori a meal
  • Fresh fruit: 1 medium orange, banana, or apple
  • Dry fruit: fistful a day
  • Clarified butter: 2 teaspoons per day

Below are some tips that can give you more willpower to maintain your weight and your health:

1. Order Small Portions

When you visit restaurant order small portions. A lot of my clients may be eating healthy at home but they completely lose their self-control when they eat out especially at all-you-can-eat buffets. Avoid Buffets if you suffer from a lack of self-control and instead stick to the a-la-carte menus. Don;t be embarrassed to be the only one in your family or group that is ordering a-la-carte when the rest of the gang is gorging on the buffet. If anything you should be the proud one who is practicing self-restraint and not being a glutton!

2. Do not Super-Size Anything

Do not get swayed by Whoppers, Supers and Jumbo Sizes when it comes to fast food. Do not be tempted by bargains and avoid package deals. Instead just go in for a paneer or chicken sandwich without the mayo and add a salad on the side.

3. Order Kiddie Meals

When you can, order kiddie meals at fast food outlets. Some restaurants will let you order them if you explain to them that you rare dieting. In certain American style fast food restaurants and diners, kiddie meals are what used to be adult meals in a bygone era.

4. Buy Small Quantities of Snackfood

When shopping for packaged snacks, buy smaller packets and not the extra large ones. Buy single serving sizes and just one bag or product at a time.

5. Avoid All-You-Can-Eat Situations

Avoid Buffets and Rajasthani and Gujrathi Thali joints. Even though you might be mindful, the temptations may lure you out of your zone and make you overeat.

6. Use Smaller Plates

This one’s a no-brainer. Using smaller plates will give you the illusion of eating more but at the same time ensure that you eat smaller servings and portions.


If you have been following me and my blog articles, do a recap of the below:

        1. Have you continued to jot down your weekly menus?
        2. Have you started or are you continuing your walking or exercise routine?

Do check your food portions in the future and I assure you that you will be feeling more energetic and at the same time be able to easily keep the weight off. Call me on 98206 07875 for a one-on-one consultation for persistent weight loss or weight gain issues.

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