Crash Diets vs. Long Term Diets

Long Term Weight Loss

Carrying off on my previous article from where I left off, let us now examine another fad that is taking over people in Indian cities. There are weight loss and Nutrition centers that are popping up all over the place that will provide you with their foods as well as special drinks and bars and will give you detailed instructions on when to consume them during the day. They will claim that you will lose 12 – 14 kilos in two months.

And then there are the traditional diet and weight loss consultancies like ours that attempt to educate our clients on which foods to eat, how many calories you need vis-à-vis your daily calorie expenditure, educate our clients on why you need to eat certain foods and on the whole teach you to eat food as part of a total lifestyle change that will help you to make informed decisions about nutrition.

Both these diets will help a person lose weight. But out of the two, only one diet plan will teach you to become independent and self-reliant after your consultation period is over. The Diet plans offered by the companies in the first case might be easier for you and may cause faster weight loss than the diet plans that I offer clients. But when you are done with those kind of diets you are back to square one! You haven’t been taught how to continue eating after you’re the crash weight loss programs are over. These companies do not make their profits by teaching you how to fish as the old Chinese proverb goes. Rather they give you a fish so that you must keep going back to them again and again throughout your life!

The diet plans offered by a registered Dietician or Nutrition Counselor is superior for the simple reason that you gain knowledge that you can apply long term for the rest of your life. On the other hand, these get-slim-quick Diet companies make you addicted to their quick weight-loss regimens and much like a drug-addict craves for a quick fix, the same way their hapless customers keep running back to them for their shakes, bars, cookies and pre-made foods every few months!

Before enrolling for a Diet plan for Weight loss, always ask yourself, “Can I eat this way for the rest of my life?” Well if you think you can survive on cookies and shakes for the rest of your life, go ahead! But if you want to enjoy your life eating good quality foods and at the same time achieve a healthy and fit body, then you must always look at a long term nutritional approach.

Exercise – The Missing Link for Weight Loss

Let us now look at another way to test whether the weight loss program you are going for – and it does not involve foods. The missing link for permanent weight loss is exercise. Exercise is a critical component for long term weight loss. Any diet or weight loss program that does not include exercise is not a long term weight loss plan. Period. You can compare a Weight loss plan without exercise to buying a car minus tires or an airplane that has no wings! Any person who has successfully lost weight in the past and continues to maintain his / her weight at an optimum level are those who have been consistent with both diet and exercise in equal measure.

In this article, I am not going to enumerate the many benefits of physical exercise but suffice it to say that regular exercise has immense positive effects on your metabolism by allowing you to eat more calories but still be in a calorie-deficit mode. Exercise also helps you to preserve lean body mass which is important for your overall health. The bottom line is this:

If you really want to lose weight and want to do so on a permanent basis then exercise is non-negotiable. If you are in market for a Dietitian for weight loss, a Slimming Center or Quick Weight Loss Nutrition Programs, check to see if exercise is a part of their programs. Any Weight loss program that does not include fitness activities or exercise as part of the overall plan can be dumped into the dustbin – where it belongs!

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