A Diet Workshop for Women on Womens Day

As a Diet and Nutrition Consultant, I enjoy doing diet & nutrition workshops at corporate companies because it gives me the chance to educate people in a group setting and also highlight the importance of good eating habits at the workplace because poor nutrition is now commonplace amongst India’s working population who are overfed but undernourished! The results are there for all to see – low energy, frequent sickness, body pain and aches and other serious health issues which can cut short one’s career and progress in life. Let me touch base a little on Energy in this article.

Just like a machine needs fuel to function so does the human body. But unlike a machine which simply stores the fuel in the gas tank, energy that is consumed as food and underutilized by the body is stored as fat and results in weight gain. On the other hand, poor food intake that does not meet the body’s energy requirements will result in weight loss and the breakdown of body tissue. This is a common condition in today’s work environment. On one hand you have obese people who consume more empty calories devoid of nutrients and vitamins and lead a sedentary life and on the other hand you have a class of people who do not consume enough calories to power them through the day. In both cases – obesity and undernourishment – the result is that the individual cannot work to his/ her fullest potential and cannot resist disease because of weakened immunity.

Correct Nutrition at Workplace is Crucial

I always say that correct utilization of energy in terms of calories consumed and spent must be the foundation of any nutrition program. Energy requirements differ among individuals based on the size of their bodies, age and the level of physical and mental activity. On an average, a working adult male requires 2,500 kcal and non-nursing and pregnant adult females will require about 2,000 kcal. Nutritionists have established long ago the energy expenditure for men and women for different activities. Far too many women at offices and workplaces across India especially those who travel by public transport and walk to their workplaces consume fewer calories than they should which results in weigh loss over time and inability to perform their work efficiently. On the other hand, women can also consume a lot of calories but yet be unable to perform to their fullest. All carb-meals with little protein, fat and micronutrients cannot help in maintaining good health. A woman could end up consuming her entire daily requirement of 2050 kcal in just one meal of a pizza and milkshake and still receive very little micronutrients such as Vitamins A & C.

On Women’s Day which falls on March 8, I was invited to deliver a Nutrition workshop to the female employees of ATE Enterprises – a textile engineering company based in Andheri West, Mumbai. I spoke specifically about diet and nutrition for Indian women followed by a Q & A session in the end. Have a look at some of the pictures below:

Diet Nutritionist Mumbai

The Nutrition Workshop Begins!

Top Dieticians in Andheri West

A Corporate Diet Talk Begins

Corporate Dietitian

What Women Should Have

Weight Loss Doctor Lokhandwala

A Little Goes a Long Way!

Dieticians Andheri Versova

All Attention Everyone!

Corporate Workshop Dietician

The workplace – a setting for good nutrition!

Dieticians in Lokhandwala Andheri

Meal Breaks – Rest, Refuel & Bond!

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Eat Healthy Work Better!

Registered Dieticians South mumbai

Questions Always Welcome

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Save Money by Being Fit

Corporate Nutritionists in Mumbai

Good Health is Non-Negotiable!

Nutritionists in Andheri

Eat More Healthy Fats

A Nutritionist Conducts Workshop

Felicitation at the End

Nutritionist Krupa Parekh

Happy Women!

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