Healthy Indian Breakfast Options

After my previous article on why you must not skip breakfasts (read it here), I have got many requests to suggest healthy breakfast choices. So I decided to write this article around healthy breakfast choices. Conventional Indian food preparations are actually very wholesome and nutritionally balanced. A typical Indian breakfast preparation whether it is poha or upma tends to retain its nourishment to the max when freshly prepared and cooked at home in hygienic surroundings. It is advisable to start your day with one of the traditional Indian food item listed below as a breakfast meal.

Vegetable Poha

When making healthy poha, it is important to add freshly chopped veggies like onions, tomatos, carrots,capsicum, green peas etc. to the rice flakes portion in order to make a nutritious and fibre-loaded poha.

Vegetable Upma

Uupma can be made either with rawa or vermicelli. Both are good healthy breakfast options. Don’t forget to add protein rich green peas and other chopped veggies to the preparation in order to boost the nutrition quotient.


Chillas can be made out of oats, besan, moong dal or mixed dal batter. It is one the best protein rich food item that you can have to kickstart your day. Feel free to add curd and veggies to your chilla batter in order to make them tastier and healthier. Don’t forget to have your healthy Chillas with mint coriander chutney as an accompaniment.


Urad dal and rice-based idli or dosa preparation is another good and tasty option for breakfast. Who doesn’t like idlis and dosas?! But in order to enhance it’s nutritive value, you must have it along with lots of vegetable sambhar / rasam and coconut chutney.

Dal Daliya

Vegetable broken wheat with legume is another tasty and healthy breakfast option. It is wholesome and induces satiety and keeps you feeling full for long. This Indian porridge can be made with buttermilk, lots of chopped veggies and a good tadka.

Stuffed Paratha

A Paratha made of wheat flour or mix flour stuffed with greens like spinach, methi, spring onion, raddish leaves is another good morning meal option. Parathas should be eaten with a bowl of curd. Don’t forget to brush some ghee on it. Ghee in your morning meal will boost your metabolism, make your skin glow, induce satiety and of course will add good taste.

It is advisable to avoid packaged cereals like bread, cornflakes, biscuits, ready-to-eat foods like Masala oats etc. in your breakfast as they are nutritionally compromised and loaded with preservatives, salts and taste additives. So here’s hoping that you make that extra effort to cook a nutritionally balanced and wholesome breakfast that will keep you going during the day. Cheers to Healthy Mornings!

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