How Did You Get Here

If you are in the market looking for a weight loss program think about how you got to this stage. You definitely had a wake-up moment when you got out of your zone of slumber and self-denial. Whatever be the reason that made you wake up and start looking for a definite program for weight loss, let me the first to congratulate you. This is because you have recognized that you can take affirmative action and also do something about it.

Take a moment to answer some more questions. How did you manage to get to this point? How did you happen to gain the weight in the first place? It is crucial to answer these questions because you can become conscious of the issues and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Answer the following questions:

  • Did you start eating more foods in quantity?
  • Did you start eating more fatty and junk foods?
  • Did your physical activity patterns change over the years?
  • Did you stop exercising?
  • Did you start eating to compensate for boredom?
  • Have you become an emotional eater?

You really need to start thinking about your current lifestyle and start to closely examine your eating patterns and also the trigger for losing the weight that you have gained over the years. The solution to weight loss as any Dietician worth his / her salt will tell you is very simple and boils down to two things:

  1. What you Eat
  2. How Much You Move

You need to start eating more sensibly. It does not imply that you cannot treat yourself to your favourite foods every once in a while. It’s just that if you want to look slimmer and improve your health you will need to avoid foods that can make you easily put on weight. Most of the foods that we consume in today’s world have not been on the market shelves even 25 years ago which is reflected in the weight of the average person. If you can change your eating habits by lowering fat intake and having more complex carbs and move around more just like your grandparents did then you will surely lose weight.

Weight Loss Plans

You actually do not require a fixed meal plan that will make you feel as if you are on a diet because the diets are what made you obese in the first place! Only a diet cannot work magic. You need to make long term changes in your lifestyle if you desire to lose the extra kilos and banish them forever!

If you consult a Dietitian, she will help you plan your meals for every day of the week. But a good Dietician will also help to educate you about wise eating choices so that you can use your own judgement in the future. This is because you will obviously not be consulting a Dietician for the rest of your life (unless she is your neighbour!). You know yourself better than anyone else. Unrealistic diets, deprivation and restrictions are not my thing and I bet they are not yours too!

Weight Loss Tips

What I can tell you at this stage before you decide on visiting a Dietician for weight loss is that you will need to eat well and exercise if you want to see any significant changes in your body structure. You will have to lose 3500 calories every week if you want to lose 0.5 kilos of fat per week. For this to happen you must lose 500 extra calories every day. Once you start a weight loss program, you will have to work extra hard to not only maintain your diet plan but also ramp up your daily quota of physical activity and exercise be it playing with your kids, taking the dog for a walk or going for a bicycle ride.

If you set a weight loss of goal of  1 kg per week then you will have to double your workout time or increase the intensity level. How you go about following this is upto you. Always start slowly and work your way up from there. You will have to remember that you have to have a balanced diet and you have to eat smaller meals at frequent intervals. An important thing to remember is mindfulness – not just about watching what you are eating but how you eat. Eat slower than you normally do, focus your mind on the process of chewing, notice how much food is on your plate and do not overeat. Eating slowly viz. for about 30 minutes gives your brain more time to register that you are full.

Make a habit of exercising atleast three times a week. Any additional activity or exercise can contribute to calorie burn which will help you with overall weight loss. When I create diet plans for my clients I will never eliminate entire food groups but rather ensure that my clients get a balanced diet that has a mix of good fats and complex carbs. Carbs are required for exercising and good fats are essential so that your body can function at normal levels.

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