Keep the Weight Off During Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and I’m sure all your festival plans are on schedule – from the beautiful clothes that you want to fit well to mouth-watering food that you are desperately awaiting. But Festivals in India like elsewhere in the world come with their own challenges. A lot of people are left wondering were all the extra weight came from after the celebrations are over!

Well, weight gain during this time can be minimized and you can have your sweets and eat it too! In short you can have a Happy and Healthy Diwali! Below are some essential tricks you should implement to stay fit and healthy and yet enjoy the season of food and celebrations guilt-free:

Stay well hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Make a conscious effort to stay well hydrated. You may experience bloating or puffiness due to calorie-loaded festival foods. Drink enough water and you will instantly feel lighter. Poor water intake can also lead to dehydration making you feel tired and low on energy levels. This can be misunderstood as hunger and with your blood sugar dipping, you will start to binge on sweet and fatty foods starting a vicious cycle of weight gain. So stay well hydrated and avoid unwanted cravings to keep off from extra weight gain

Stay physically active

It is very important to do some form of physical activity and workouts and not be a couch potato during the festival. I suggest keep up with your regular gym routine or do an early morning jog to increase the fat burn during the day, feel more energetic and to ease out the bloating if any. Workouts will also induce an urge to drink more water and help you maintain your respective fitness levels post Diwali

Be Mindful

Be mindful about eating Sweets. Diwali is as much about boxed sweets and chocolates as about new clothing, accessories, styles and trends. Feel free to enjoy and relish homemade sweets with natural sweeteners like sugar, honey, dates and jaggery. Keep your temptations away from sweets with artificial sweeteners and colours. The best time to have your Sweets is early mornings on an empty stomach or as a post-workout meal. Sweets can also be consumed as standalone meals mid morning or early evenings between meal gaps. It is very important to underline the fact that Moderation is key.

Avoid having your sweets along with your main meals or after meals like desserts especially after evening dinners. Mindful eating during the festival will surely prevent weight gain.

Plan your day

Outline your days in advance when you have to have a meal out. Eating a meal at house parties, buffets, restaurants etc should be a guilt-free experience. But you can balance out the heavy meal outings with simple and light meals at home. Include lots of veggies, fresh fruits, unsalted dry fruits and fluids veg soups, raw veg juices, unsalted buttermilk, curd to keep your meals healthy at home.

Divide and Rule

It is essential to divide your festival food and evenly spread it to all the days equally balancing out with other healthy meals. According to me, festival foods can be divided into three categories-

  1. Heavy meals eaten outdoors
  2. Deep fried fatty foods
  3. Sugar laden sweets

You can really fight back the festival food induced weight gain if you enjoy and relish one of the above mentioned Diwali foods only once a day. Avoid end up eating all three types of food on the same day as all these foods come loaded with extra calories.

So, can you have a healthy Diwali? Yes Why Not?!!! But only if you keep a check on the intake of sugar and fat-infused diet-killers and balance out heavy socializing and partying with workouts and healthy light foods. Do keep these simple and easy diet tactics in mind have a fun filled and a healthy Diwali 2016!

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