Nutrition for Women – A Corporate Lecture

Healthy Women = Healthy Future for India

It is a fact that women who go to work in India have specific nutritional needs that are often not met while they are at work. I have observed that women of child-bearing age are often at risk of low blood iron because of poor nutrition intake coupled with menstrual bleeding. Good and adequate nutrition before, during and after pregnancy is absolutely crucial for healthy babies because healthy babies are the future employees of India and they are our country’s future! One of the key nutrients required during pre and post pregnancy which can prevent certain child birth defects is folic acid. A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy and pregnancy and nursing makes enormous demands on a woman’s body. Which is why women need extra calories and extra rest during these periods. Safe food and safe water intake is crucial during pregnancy.

Other important factors for women at the workplace is access to healthy foods and nursing along with facilities and provisions to nurse at work. If a working woman can keep these above factors in mind during and after pregnancy then she can ensure better health for the baby resulting in improved cognitive and physical development apart from protecting the mother against osteoporosis and other diseases.

Modern Working Women Need More Energy

Women working through menopause must oftentimes increase their fluid intake to combat dehydration and hot flushes induced by hormonal changes. In general, women are more susceptible than men to anaemia and osteoporosis. In order for women to ward off these crippling diseases it is important for women to consume more iron and calcium-rich foods. It is also a myth that women need fewer calories than men. Many women juggle both work and home life. Add to that the crushing traveling routine in big cities and you are looking at a significant amount of calorie-intake for a working woman. It is therefore important for employers to provide enough fuel for women at the workplace in the form of healthy and nourishing foods that provide sufficient nutrients and calories. Companies that do not take care of the energy requirements of their female as well as male workforce may find that their employees are chronically tired and unproductive. On the eve of Women’s Day, I was invited by UBS Business Solutions at their Airoli office to deliver a lecture to the female employees, their mothers and mothers-in-law about the importance of Nutrition for Women. Have a look at some of the pictures below 🙂

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