Nutrition Solutions for the Workplace

A Corporate Diet Workshop

I am a firm believer in the fact that companies must embrace and adopt workplace solutions for fitness and nutrition for the simple reason that in today’s world, people spend the majority of their life at their offices and ensuring that employees get their daily quota of nutrition and exercise can go a long way in ensuring that the people who make up our working population remain healthy and productive till their old age!

Safe Food & Safe Water

The rights to safe drinking water and food and freedom from hunger are basic human rights and though today’s corporate crowd does have access to safe water and food thereby ensuring that hunger is kept at bay, the food that people eat is far from safe and can cause serious damage to one’s health over a period of time. Corporate companies must ensure that their employees are eating properly and that they are not at risk for physical or mental illness due to stress, lack of physical activity and of course improper eating habits. Food at work involves a lot of factors. It not only touches on issues of nutrition, food safety and food security but also factors such as working time. For example employees may not be able to have the most nutritious meals if their meal breaks are too short of if their working shift requires them to work when quality food is not available. Conditions under which employees eat their meals must also be considered (such as protection from workplace chemicals and other hazards).

Educating Corporate Companies

My goal as a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist is to educate employers, employees and influential people that about what they can do to improve food at work. I believe that every business – whether a large multinational corporation to a small consultancy with twenty employees – can benefit from better attention paid to food at work. Improvements – whether through improved
cafeterias, introduction of meal vouchers, associating with local vendors to improve street foods available outside the company premises, or the provision of safe drinking water – are within the reach of any business from big to small.

At a recent diet and nutrition workshop for Asus Computers in Mumbai, I advised the mid and senior level employees on the importance of correct eating habits to increase energy and productivity and alternatively the price that one pays for poor nutrition. I also spoke about food solutions for Indian women specifically and the importance of hygiene for maintaining good health and preventing illnesses. Have a look at some of the pictures from the workshop below!

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