My Philosophy Towards Food and Nutrition

Weight Loss is Tied to Nutrition

I have been in the field of Nutrition for almost a decade now and I have worked with people who have a number of physical problems and body conditions. Through my own experience, I have concluded that it is the way that people eat that makes them sick or obese. Over the years as I have helped my clients get over various problems concerning their bodies, I have put together the best ideas and methodologies for losing weight. Weight loss programs may come and go but there is still one basic principle that stands good – Consume fewer calories than you expend and eating highly nutritious foods.

The weight loss programs that I have for my clients is based on the principle of getting the best nutrition possible and eating wholesome and natural foods. If you are interested in finding out how you can adjust your eating habits in order to lose weight and at the same time improve your health and the texture of your hair, skin and nails all using natural food and nutrition, then our weight loss packages can be truly transformative for you. On the other hand if you want to lose weight in a hurry, then you need another dietician or you need to visit one of those commercial weight loss centers that promise fad weight loss packages where the weight you lose can come back as soon as you stop visiting them or stop paying them!

Lose Weight Fast and Gain it Back

Most lose-weight-quickly weight loss programs in the market work only for a short period of time but not to last you for a lifetime. In my weight loss programs, you learn the how’s and why’s of eating right. When you begin to eat the way your body and nature intended you to eat, you not only lose weight but also at the same time you become healthier.

I do realise that it is very difficult to change your long-standing eating habits. Changing habits and patterns of any type is a tough call but it is not impossible. When you visit me, you become educated about diet and nutrition yourself and you learn how and when to eat nutritious meals that are not only good for you but also the fact that you consume foods that you enjoy eating. Consider me as a teacher who is teaching you to eat correctly!

I do not want you to keep coming back to me for the rest of your life. Far from it! As the student’s knowledge increases, the teacher is no longer required to hand hold the student. Similarly, as your own knowledge of food and nutrition choices improve, you will then be qualified to make the best decisions and you can become lean, mean and healthy for the rest of your life. Quick-fix weight loss centers do not work that way. They want you to visit them for the rest of your life. They want to make you dependent on them so that they can keep billing you every time you visit them! I consider these centers to be worse than drug dealers! They are preying on the minds of innocent people who are at their lowest and most vulnerable selves. They make you believe in a fleeting vision which is temporary and ephemeral. Making you fall for their words and making you believe in this kind off yo-yo dieting throughout your life is unhealthy, downright dangerous and a heavy burden on your pockets.

When you visit informed Diet & Nutrition Counselors for weight loss solutions, you are joining a growing tribe of educated consumers who have become enlightened about the ideal solution for their bodies and are using a weight loss program that makes sense and one that utilises nature’s original weight loss supplements – natural food and nutrition!

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