The digestive system in your body plays a very important role in your survival and in maintaining your weight and ensuring good health. Your digestive system breaks down the foods that you consume into the nutrients that are absorbed by your body for it’s daily functions. If your digestive health is ignored, your body can encounter a whole range of problems. Your digestive health is greatly influenced by the foods that you eat and the lifestyle that you are currently living. At Krupa Parekh’s Center, we help you take steps to improve your digestive health so that your digestive system functions more efficiently and your overall health and well being improves. At Krupa Parekh’s Center, you can expect the following guidance from us for ensuring better digestive health.

1. High Fiber Diets

We will consider your lifestyle and food habits and help you choose a diet that is high in fiber. A high fiber diet will keep the ingested food moving through your digestive tracts and prevent constipation. A high fiber diet can also help you to prevent painful digestion-related conditions such as diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, and irritable bowel syndrome. Additionally, a high fiber diet can also help you maintain your body weight. We also help you distinguish between insoluble and soluble fibre which are both equally important in a diet.

2. Identify and Limit High Fat Foods

Foods that are high in fat will generally decelerate the digestive process and create constipation. But since it is important to include some fats in your diet, we will help you pair fatty foods with high-fiber foods which will make it easy for your digestive system in the long run.

3. Choosing Lean Meats

Protein is an integral part of a diet. If you are a non-vegetarian we will help you identify and select locally available lean meats options and the correct amount of portions for optimum digestion by your body.

Apart from prescribing eating schedules and helping you eliminate poor habits that are hampering your digestive functioning such as coffee, liquor and nicotine, we will also help you to select an exercise plan that works best for you and even help you choose a personal fitness trainer from Wellintra Fitness’s wide network of fitness trainers who will help you stick to your fitness schedule. A vigorous workout or a session of yoga can do wonders for the health of your digestive system not to mention countless other benefits.

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