Nutrition Plans
Nutrition Plans

Be it nutrition planning and meal planning for a gymmer, putting together a meal plan for an active teenager or school going children or a 3 month nutrition plan for a bride-to-be or a prenatal diet plan for a vegetarian expectant mother or just a plan for someone who travels a lot, Krupa Parekh’s Nutrition Center will help you chart out a nutrition plan that takes into account your current diet preferences and palate and ensure that you not only get the required proteins, vitamins and minerals from your food routines but also look good and feel good from within.

When it comes to losing weight, meal planning is the easiest and most effective way to start your weight loss or detox program.Every person’s eating situations change from week to week depending on work or travel schedules, after school or college activities, socializing and partying etc. At Krupa Parekh’s Nutrition Center, we will help you to to plan your meals for a specific period beginning with 1 month, 3 months or more. We also take into account your vegetarian or non-vegetarian preferences, schedule or travel itinerary, make allowances for your food moods and cravings apart from keeping your grocery budget in mind. Additionally we will also help you create a:

a. Master Recipe List

These will be your list of go-to meals which will be dynamic with new additions being made on a regular basis.

b. Your Meal Calendar

Good meal planning is like putting together a puzzle. We will help you select different recipes that don’t clash with each other and help you create recipes with the limited ingredients that you have already stocked in your kitchen.

c. Healthy Grocery Shopping

We will help you to select the right foods the next time you go grocery shopping so that you can make the most of the healthy meals that you will be cooking up soon!

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