Weight Loss Clinic

At Krupa Parekh’s Wellintra Diet & Fitness Center, we help you attack weight loss the way nature and God intended – which is through scientific meal planning based on your food preferences coupled with fitness and exercise planning.

Diabetes Clinic

While Type 2 Diabetes is more common in adults, an increase in prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in children is also being observed due to increasing obesity amongst children. Though Type 1 Diabetes typically occurs in people below 25 yrs of age, it can also develop at any age.


In the modern world, everyone including kids and infants are exposed to hundreds of dangerous toxins in varying proportions from minuscule levels to alarmingly high. These toxins range from chemicals, heavy metals, food colourings and additives.

Nutrition Plans

Krupa Parekh’s Wellintra will help you chart out a nutrition plan that takes into account your current diet preferences and palate and ensure that you not only get the required proteins, vitamins and minerals from your food but also look great and feel good from within.

High BP

High BP or Hypertension is a disease that and affects one out of 10 people in India. If left untreated high blood pressure can have severe health consequences.Blood pressure is the amount of force of blood that is pushing against the walls of your arteries.


Your digestive system breaks down the foods that you consume into the nutrients that are absorbed by your body for it’s daily functions. If your digestive health is ignored, your body can encounter a whole range of problems.

Skin Enhancement

Most men and women in today’s world suffer from poor skin tone, texture and blemishes due to the ill effects of tension and stress, environmental pollution and all the toxins that enter our bodies through our sensory organs and from the foods we eat.


At Krupa Parekh’s Wellintra, we assess your current dietary habits and lifestyle and help you to adopt healthy-living strategies that will keep your immunity strong and prevent you from falling sick again and again at the slightest change in weather or while traveling.