The Weight Loss Mindset

Goal Keeping for Weight Loss

I often tell my clients that the successful clients who tend to lose weight through my programs are the ones who have mastered the psychological factor. One of the best ways that I spur my clients to lose weight is by urging them to look at their weight loss goal as something like a sporting event that they are getting ready for! To be successful in any game or tournament you have to know the rules of the game, the basics of performing the game and also the right information in your diet in order to make it effective.

When you are in possession of all the tools of the game, you can succeed and excel in almost anything that you take up in life!

Tools for Weight Loss

One of the main tools for success is to inculcate the right frame of mind. By getting into the right frame of mind, you can get dully motivated, committed and develop the skills you need for success. Any obstacles, temptations and distractions that you meet with can be easily overcome once you achieve mind over matter. When you are psychologically ready during your journey of weight loss, your weight loss program will not become a burden but rather you will have more fun during the process. You will be able to create changes that will lead you on to a healthy lifestyle and the changes will last with you forever.

Your mindset will dictate how you behave and also control your thoughts and actions. Developing the right mindset will not happen overnight though. It will certainly take a bit of effort from your side but it will ultimately be well worth the time that you spend sharpening your mindset. You will have to monitor your progress and behaviour from time to time. It will also not be a cakewalk throughout. Sometimes following your weight loss program will be easy and sometimes it wont. But there are some good ways to get yourself into the right mindset. Below are a few steps.

1. Write Down your Goals

Write down on a piece of paper, the number of the weight that you want to reach. Also write down any other personal goals that you might have out of life in general. I believe that since you are getting down to undertaking a big and audacious goal such as weight loss, you might as well also focus on improving other areas of your life.

2. Be Clear About your Goals

Do not generalise your goals because then you end up trivialising it. Your goals are IMPORTANT. So go ahead and make them important!

3. Set yourself Deadlines

Say you want to lose weight, tell yourself that, “I will lose 6 kgs by Diwali” or “I will lose 12 kgs by New Years Eve!” When you give yourself deadlines, you are giving yourself a goal that you can work for.

4. Set Achievable Goals

One of the commonest mistakes that most people make when it comes to weight loss is that they bite off more than they can chew (pun intended)! If you want to lose 25 kgs do not expect to do it in a matter of weeks. Try to set yourself healthy deadlines. Try breaking a big goal into smaller parts. Tell yourself that you will lose 5 kgs every month instead of a big ’25 kg weight loss goal”.

5. Focus on your goals everyday

Post your goals where you can see them everyday. On the refrigerator, at your workstation, on your mobile phone as a home screenshot, on the visor of your car etc. When you focus on your goals everyday, you will be able to keep your weight loss goals in mind at all times and that way you will be able to commit in a big way.

6. Be Committed

This one’s a no-brainer. You have to stay on course and committed at all costs. There is a reason that you want to achieve your goals – looking and feeling good, going out clubbing wearing a sleek dress, pursuing hobbies like trekking, doing it for your family. Whatever be your reasons for losing weight, having a laser-like intensity towards your weight loss goal will make it easier for you to achieve it in the end.

Remember developing a psychology towards weight loss will help you to achieve your goals and realise success. Always aim high and push yourself to be the kind of person that you desire to be and live a high quality life – one in which your lifestyle is not hampered by obesity or poor mobility and health. We have given the power to dream because we have within us the power to achieve those dreams! The time to start is – RIGHT NOW!

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