Weight Loss Versus Fat Loss

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A lot of people feel very good about themselves when they feel that they are not carrying excess weight on themselves. But actually what they are feeling good is not really their body weight but their lack of body fat. Lets face it if your body is carrying a lot of body fat, it shows! One doesn’t need hi fi measurement devices to tell you that someone is fat. It is easy to see. And since fat is so easy to see, no one wants to appear fat. So it is not the weight that worries people but the weight of the excess fat.

Let me give you an example. Take two women who both weigh about 60 kgs and are say about 5 ft. 2 inches tall. If we use their BMI (body-mass-index) measurements as an indicator they will be similar as far as their BMI is concerned. This is because BMI uses only their weight and height in consideration when determining overweight issues. But when you look at these two women, its a completely different story. One of the two women who regularly works out at the gym and is lean and well toned has a body fat level of 20 %. This means that this woman is carrying very less fat in her body. No one in their right minds would call this woman fat because she is not. Her weight is more lean body mass and she looks great. But the other woman leads a sedentary lifestyle and her body fat level is at 30 % which means that she is carrying a lot of fat on her body. This woman is definitely fat and needs to lose most of that fat and put on muscle.

Weight Loss is an Incorrect Term

When you think about it, the term ‘Weight Loss’ is an incorrect term. You dont really want to lose weight. Because that would mean losing weight from all the different parts of your body including tissues, muscle and bones. The right term would be ‘FAT LOSS’. This would imply that you are targeting fat loss and not muscle loss. Because maintaining and increasing muscle mass makes the body look and function better and helps your body lose fat and keep it off for longer.

It is also crucial to understand that fat loss is not just a matter of exercising more vigorously and eating less quantities – though these two factors are an important part of the fat loss game. Effective fat loss also requires you to guide your body down the right metabolic paths whereby you can target fat breakdown and not muscle breakdown. Fat loss is also more than just breaking down the body fat. You will also have to do something with that body fat so that it does not come back. That will require you to increase the fat burning for fuel and completely flushing it out of your body. I always stress that when you lose weight, it always the fat that is being lost and not much of muscle. If you lose too much muscle, it will be harder to lose more fat and the fat will also come back easily the next time around.

Losing Fat and Keeping It Off Is not Difficult

Keeping track of your progress in fat loss is highly important. Anyone can lose weight initially but the real challenge is to keep it up. My job as a Nutritionist is to make you understand what happens when you cut down on calories and make the required dietary and lifestyle adjustments including taking the right supplements.

Most clients who come to me find it impossible to lose fat however hard they try and also find it extremely hard to keep whatever fat that they lose from coming back on and thirdly to prevent any loss of muscle when they diet. And as simple as what most crash weight loss centers in Mumbai proclaim, most diets and fat loss supplements do not help in meeting the above goals. Give us a call and we will put your fat loss dreams on the right track!

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