Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

When I meet obese clients at my clinic I always know that they are creatures of habit and that their poor nutrition intake is a result of bad habits that progressively develop over a long period of time. If you are an adult and have a family then it is all the more important to inculcate healthy eating habits not just for yourself but also to set an example for your kids. Poor eating habits that are acquired over a period of time can be kicked but remember that it wont happen overnight. Lets talk about the most common bad habit among people in urban Indian cities – skipping breakfast!

Breakfast – The Most Important Meal

With a long gap of 12 hours without any nourishment, your body will require a fresh boost in the morning. The glucose in your blood needs to be replenished in order that the rest of your body can be furnished with energy. Your brain also needs glucose because it cannot store glucose. Making it a point to eat breakfast every morning will help your concentration powers, your problem solving skills, your strength and your endurance. What is more important is that the nutrients that you ingest in the morning will help you meet your daily nutritional requirements.

Breakfast for Kids

Breakfast is even more important for kids and a healthy breakfast will improve their cognitive skills and memory and give them an edge in tests, attendance and engagement in school. Children who skip breakfast tend to be bored, listless, irritable and fidgety with the result that their grades suffer. And since they miss eating a large part of daily nutrition, they fall sick more often. As a parent, helping your kids develop a breakfast habit will ensure that they have a long, successful and healthy life in front of them.

Miss Breakfast Get Fat

If the above reasons are not enough to convince you to eat your breakfast everyday, do understand that people who tend to skip their daily breakfast tend to put on weight more easily and tend to be heavier around the waist than those who do eat breakfast. If you skip breakfast, your hunger pangs will increase as lunch hour approaches and suddenly food is necessary in just about any form – including unhealthy food choices! In a situation like this, most people will throw caution to the winds and gulp the first thing that they encounter. Overeating the wrong foods is the outcome and although half the day is over, their daily nutrient intake is far from perfect.

What is Your Excuse?

The most common excuse I hear from my clients is, “Oh Krupa, I am so short of time in the morning! Eating breakfast is the last thing I need.” But I tell them that having a busy life does not mean that you omit your health out of the equation! You can eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast in less than ten minutes if you plan for it. A bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit and a slice of toast is more than enough.

Some people complain that having a breakfast upsets their tummy. My advice in those cases would be to eat a bit of fruit or just a piece of toast every morning and then start to increase the quantity as your body gets used to it. You may have developed this condition because you have been choosing the wrong morning foods or your stomach may be sensitive to certain kinds of food. You could also carry along a breakfast snack like a nutrition bar or a piece of fruit to work to have it a little later in the morning when your stomach may be a little less sensitive.

What’s a Healthy Breakfast

If you ask me what you should be having for breakfast, I will say that eating foods that have high nutritional content is the right thing to have for breakfast. Avoid sugary cereals that have very less nutrients. They will tend to raise your blood sugar fast and then drop it down to a point where you feel hungry again within an hour. Also to be avoided are fast food items like Burgers or Cheesy Sandwiches as they are again short on nutrients and contain excess fat. The best items to have for breakfast are low fat, low sugar and high fiber foods. These foods will help you maintain your blood sugar level for a long period of time and help you start your day with a healthy nutrient intake.

Hope these above tips helps you to stay healthy by not missing out on the most important meal of the day! For more personalised consultations, do visit me at our Weight Loss and Dietetics Center in Andheri West, Mumbai. Call on 98206 07875 for an appointment.

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